Photog by Peter Vidani
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"I’m living again awake and alive,"-Switchfoot

We spend our whole lives waiting.  Waiting for flights, waiting in hospitals, waiting in line, waiting for the next big thing, the next big dream.  Waiting for the perfect job or the perfect mate. But the majority of it all is spent waiting.

So maybe that should tell us something.

Instead of really coming alive in the moments when the waiting is finally over; in the moments when we get what we want, perhaps we should live especially well in the waiting.

What if we lived well?

By that I don’t mean having what we want and constantly working for the next goal, bettering ourselves, blah blah blah… Not that goals or bettering ourselves are negative things… It’s just that we forget the now we’re living in when we do these things. We miss opportunities to love people. To look them in the eyes and truly see them.  We miss growth.  We miss the chance to be faithful to something or to someone. We step over the things that make life great.  We sacrifice creativity for shortcuts to our future.  We forget to do what’s in our hands, never thinking that maybe if we did those things well we would find ourselves ready for the things we dream about.

But if we just check out and forget about the life happening around us, if we numb it with entertainment, if we wait until something happens to us, If we wait until the perfect (fill in the blank) is handed to us, we miss living a real life.  A life awake and aware.  A life rich and full of meaning.  A life of growth and change.  A life full of love and hope.  A life knowing a beautiful God.  

So what if we live awake?

Spring Cleaning.

Feeling rather accomplished. 

I needed a new space for myself.

My brain has become especially cluttered lately.